Nice to meet you!

If you’ve made your way here, by now you know my name is Amy. I enjoy writing stories, connecting others and going on adventures (or creating my own).

I host parent-friendly professional development events, speak at other people’s (sometimes alongside my children), advise corporates on creating more inclusive spaces and write about travel, creativity, intuition, international family and flexible work.

After a few moves around the world and a few years bringing my kids into business settings, I’ve been spending my time helping others go after their dreams, try something new and get their ideas out of their head and into the world.

So tell me, what are you trying to create right now?

And if you’re not working on making it happen, what’s stopping you?

Drop me a line here. I’d love to learn more and see if I can help you out.

CreativeMornings Ottawa photos by Finn Lin.