Marry An Accountant

By Amy Maureen LyncH

You’re a lady trying to live her best life – but at what cost?

Chipping away at a mountain of student debt, with no end in sight. Dreaming about the work from wherever lifestyle, without a financial cushion or solid plan to make it happen. Playing small and sticking to what you know, instead of putting yourself out there. Allowing a sense of obligation to family and friends to keep you in a cycle of blurred boundaries and penny pinching.

Financial freedom. Flexibility. Independence. You’re ready to start living your life on your own terms now, without sacrificing the needs of future you.

I’ve been there and overcame those hurdles, while designing a life I love.

When I first embarked on my expat journey, I had limitations when it came to my time, knowledge and local support network.

In Marry An Accountant, I explore how I met the man who travelled around the world with me and learned to love the ‘F‘* word, all while improving my income and confidence.

Join me, as I share my experiences abroad and the lessons I’ve learned along the way about money, mindset and investing in myself.

It’s time to stop burying your head in the sand, start living your best life and create financial freedom.