Babies + Business Mini Guide to navigating the corporate jungle (with kids)

We are so excited you are thinking about bringing your children into business settings (or maybe you already have?)!

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Babies + Business Mini Guide to navigating the corporate jungle with kids: Bringing children into business settings


Don’t go it alone because you feel like every business space has been designed to be a kid-free oasis.


You’re not the only one who wants to do what you do, alongside the ones you love.


You got this.


Now go explore more!


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Meet Amy:
Founder of Babies, Business + Breakfast™

Meet Amy Maureen Lynch: Bringing children into business settings












After spending the better part of a decade as a freelance and remote worker in Australia, Ireland, and England, I returned to Canada with a newfound motivation to address the isolation I sometimes faced as a working expat and new parent.

Determined to maintain a sense of self while looking after my first son (2016) and preparing to give birth to my second son (2018), I often sought out networking and professional development opportunities but was surprised by a lack of inclusive spaces with baby change facilities and parent-friendly event times.

Some of the things I have brought my sons to, which are usually seen as traditionally adult-only events include:

💸 Pitching to investors, accelerator programs, advisors and potential business partners for feedback (while wearing a baby in a carrier/ breastfeeding/rocking them in my arms or feeding my toddler snacks/giving them toys to play with and using my diaper bag as a laptop bag to share my pitch deck in between diaper changes).

📈 Presenting to crowds, workshop participants, special guests and complete strangers (while doing all of the above with a newborn baby and/or toddler).

💼 Interviewing for a corporate mat leave contract alongside my at the time, 15-month-old son (which I’m proud to say I was offered, happily accepted and recently completed, while growing my second baby).

📅 Attending business workshops about cash flow, income tax, business models and legal structures (where I alternated wheeling my kiddos into the venue in a stroller, carried in a car seat or wore them in a baby carrier and proceeded to feed them breakfast, breastfeed and keep them occupied with toys during early morning sessions starting between 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.).

And the list goes on.

Since 2018, I’ve been working on resources to help other parents invest in themselves alongside their children, because I believe everyone deserves to design and create a life that works for them and their family, all the while becoming an (accidental) activist and regular speaker about inclusion and flexible work.

My ‘parentpreneur’ activism resulted in the first-ever baby change table being installed in a non-gender washroom in Ottawa’s entrepreneurship and innovation hub, which brings services and support under one roof.

As the Founder of Babies, Business + Breakfast, I host parent-friendly professional development events, produce digital resources and advise organizations on designing more inclusive programming and spaces, as I continue to work toward a future in which parenthood and professional development don’t have to be mutually exclusive.Babies Business + Breakfast Parent-Friendly Professional Development Events Bringing children into business settings