Writer. Freelance Creative. Former Expat.

Intuitive Entrepreneur. Flexible Work Advocate.

Focused on travel, creativity, intuition, international family life and flexible work.

When I first set foot on my expat journey to study abroad in 2010, I didn’t expect one year to turn into a series of cross-continent moves, varied corporate roles and an international family.

During this time, I worked as a contractor, freelancer and remote worker. All in between exploring and living in four different countries (Australia, Ireland, England and Canada)!

Following my intuition and taking the leap.

Over the past decade, I have largely been following my intuition to design my version of an ideal life for myself (and now my family) and then taking inspired action to manifest future goals.

Sometimes it’s not a specific ‘goal’ but more of a ‘gut feeling’ I need to make a change or try something new and then the creative work begins! Either way, change is inevitable and my life has been filled with pleasant surprises alongside each new experience.

Mixing parenthood and professional development.

Since becoming a parent as an expat abroad, I’ve continued to do what I love and invest in myself alongside my children. This included bringing them into business settings–pitching while holding my babies, breastfeeding in boardrooms, wheeling strollers into workshops–all the while becoming an (accidental) activist and regular speaker about inclusion and flexible work.

As the Founder of Babies, Business + Breakfast, I host parent-friendly professional development events, produce digital resources and advise organizations on designing more inclusive programming and spaces.

Header image and CreativeMornings Ottawa photos by Finn Lin.